PhenoMining Tools

  • PhenoMining Tools
    Research members: Jianming He, Wesley W. Chu (Project Leader), Fred Sabb, Ying Wang, Chen Liu, and Stott Parker

Social Network-Based Recommender System

  • SNRS - A Social Network-Based Recommender System
    Research members: Jianming He

Information Security and Privacy

  • ISP - An Inference-based Approach to Data Access Violation Detection and Privacy Protection
    Research members: Zhenyu Liu, Yu Chen, Jianming He

XML Projects

Cooperative Database Systems

  • For Structure Data
    • CoBase
      Research members:
    • CoSent - Cooperative Sentinel
      Research members: Wenlei Mao, Zhenyu Liu, David Wu
    • TBE - Trigger-By-Example
      Research members: Dongwon Lee, Wenlei Mao, Henry Chiu
  • For Image
    • KMeD
      Research members: David B. Johnson, Sanghyun Park
  • For Text
    • KMeX - Knowledge-based Approach for Scenario-Specific Medical Free Text Retreival
      Research members: Zhenyu Liu, Qinghua Zou

Data Mining Projects